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Child falls out of car window onto busy road in frightening video

The video, from China, has shocked social media users. Many said the child's parents should be charged with negligence.

August 05, 2022 / 01:04 PM IST
Thanks to alert witnesses, the child escaped without serious injuries. (Image credit: @realzaidzayn

Thanks to alert witnesses, the child escaped without serious injuries. (Image credit: @realzaidzayn /Twitter)

A child in China tumbled out of a car's back seat window onto a busy road, while the vehicle she was in drove away. Heart-stopping footage of the incident is being widely shared on social media.

Footage from a surveillance camera showed the child leaning out of the back window of the car as it stopped at a red light. Suddenly, she fell out of the vehicle.

The car carrying the child left. As she lay on the road, a driver stopped his car in front of her to shield her from incoming traffic. Others rushed out of their vehicles and picked the child up.

The child's mother later returned to take her. She fortunately had only minor injuries, South China Morning Post reported.


On social media, users criticised the child's parents for being callous.

"The parents should be charged with child negligence," one user wrote. "How could they leave a toddler in the back seat without even so much as a seat belt AND leaving the window open AND allowing the child to lean out of the window?! The fact that they just continued to drive off even after the child fell out baffles and angers me."

"I'm seriously shocked that her mother didn't even notice that her daughter fall from her car," another said.

Other users praised those who helped the child.

"The person who blocked the road is a gem," a user named Naveen Manjhi said on YouTube. "His close attention saved her from other cars. Big thanks to all those who all came forward to help the child."

 "That is absolutely amazing how they saved the little child. Thank you, you are heroes!" another user said.

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first published: Aug 5, 2022 12:57 pm