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MC Learn is an initiative by Moneycontrol to help deepen your understanding of financial markets and various asset classes so as to be able to profit from it. A major part of it is devoted to the three key disciplines of the stock market—fundamental investing, technical analysis and futures and options. The stock market can be both inviting and yet intimidating at the same time. Inviting because of the promise of untold riches it holds. And intimidating because like in any other field, there are rules and concepts an aspiring investor or trader has to master before he or she can hope to succeed. The stock market of today is far more transparent and well-regulated than what it was in the late 80s and early 90s when retail investors first started taking notice of it. But that does not mean that getting rich from stocks has become any easier. If anything, it has become even harder because a lot more data and information is now publicly available than it was in the past. But like human nature, the fundamental character of the stock market has not changed over the years. Fear and greed remain the dominant emotions that throw up opportunities or can bring about ruin. At the same time, the basic skills like good understanding of businesses, the ability to spot trends and the need for patience and discipline, have stood the test of time. So what does it take to be successful in the stock market? Market veterans would say it is a combination of knowledge, experience and of course luck. Experience can come only with time, and lady luck is known to be fickle. But knowledge can be acquired. And that is where Moneycontrol aims to make a difference. Through the following chapters, we will try to answer commonly asked questions as well as explain complex concepts in an easy to understand language, such that by the end of it you should be the master of your investment decisions. More

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