Explained: NPS' new withdrawal timelines
Sep 21, 08:09

National Pension System (NPS) subscribers will now be able to withdraw funds from their corpus within two days (T 2), instead of four (T 4). Here, ‘T' is the day of authorisation of the withdrawal request by the NPS Trust's nodal offices, points of presence or the subscriber. If your central record-keeping agency (CRA) is Protean eGov Technologies Ltd, requests authorised by 10.30 am will be settled on a T 2 basis. The cut-off time for requests sent to CAMS and Kfin Technologies is 11 am. The shortened timelines will also be applicable to other services or requests such as premature exit, partial withdrawal, annuity withdrawal, re-balancing, switching between funds and so on.

Quicker NPS withdrawals