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The digital transformation in the past few years has been revolutionary. It has amplified technology innovation to historic levels and heralded a new era of business. Technology is not only bridging the gap between businesses and customers, it’s also opening up new avenues of growth to help businesses thrive.With a mission to drive this progress, Dell Technologies present The Challengers, in association with Moneycontrol and CNBC-TV18. An initiative to empower and enable India’s MSMEs to reimagine their businesses by adapting to this rapid pace of digital transformation and accelerate their growth potential. Because together, we will Stop at Nothing.

The Challengers’
MSME Stories
In this series, we showcase impactful stories of MSMEs who have used technology to propel their business' growth

Digital First: A Maverick's Look at Inclusion and Business Operations

Many startups were born during the covid-19 pandem... Read More

Future-Ready Frameworks from the Tech Stack

Digitisation has become the hallmark of the new no... Read More

Cybersecurity: sensitive for small businesses and critical for all

The consistent increase in cyber threats leaves bu... Read More

Digital- Revolution that will upskill and upscale

Technology adoption is the catalyst that small bus... Read More

New Financial Year, New You: A Checklist for Small Businesses to Plan Ahead

Let the end of the financial year be an eye-opener for your business. Armed with balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements Read More

Union Budget 2022: All You Need To Know As An MSME

The Union Budget 2022 has strengthened several MSME initiatives, and introduced new ones. Here's everything you need to know. Read More

How MSMEs Can Avoid Expensive Downtime

No business is an island. Navigating the digital, post-COVID business landscape is far easier when you have reliable support. Read More

Starting a business? Set yourself up for long term success with a Work From Anywhere culture

The pandemic has demonstrated that work doesn't need office. Read More

Starting a business? Make yourself invulnerable to cyber threats with the right security solutions

A new business is vulnerable for many reasons Read More

Starting a business? Set yourself up for success with the right IT partners.

The pandemic has catalyzed the great dissatisfaction that overworked employees felt worldwide, and created the great attrition. Read More

Recovering from the Pandemic: A Look into Small Business Strategies

Covid-19 has been a rollercoaster ride for every single business across the globe. Read More

How Small Businesses are Adapting to Shifts in Customer Behaviour

Consumerism and commerce took a massive hit during the pandemic. Read More

Strategies to Help Small Businesses Stay Competitive in Tough Times

Today, India is slated to have approximately 6.3 crore MSMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises). Read More

How Tech Refresh Helps in Improving Productivity and Scaling-up Business

Tech refresh is a periodic process of replacing or upgrading the key elements of your IT infrastructure. Read More

The Role of Digital Empowerment for MSMEs Towards Business

The first wave of the coronavirus pandemic crippled the world economy. Read More

How Important Is Digital Adoption for Small Businesses?

Forced lockdowns and restricted movements compelled MSMEs to shift operations from the physical to the virtual landscape. Read More

Building an effective digital transformation strategy for MSME

In today’s technology-first world, digital transformation holds the key for an MSME’s survival. Read More

How digital offerings can fire up your small business

Multiple lockdowns and a shelter-at-home mandate compelled 6.3 crore MSMEs to convert predominantly on-ground shops and stores to online models. Read More

The Challengers MSME Summit: Powering MSMEs’ Journey Into Digitalisation

At an engaging virtual event, industry leaders decoded the vital role of digital transformation for MSMEs. Read More

Diamante Blockchain: Strengthening supply chain with tech

Diamante Blockchain is a decentralised finance platform building a block-chain enabled ecosystem of payments and financing. Watch Now

Aeries: Enabling Transformation

They have crafted unique engagement models that provide deep vertical speciality and transform clients’ operations. Watch the story of Aeries Technology Group. Watch Now

Word Publishing is bridging gaps through translations

Word Publishing is breaking language barriers and bridging gaps through translations.Dell Technologies and Moneycontrol make sure that businesses #StopAtNothing Watch Now

Truminds – Providing solutions for a Connected World

From ordering a few laptops, Truminds Software Systems’ association with Dell Technologies has evolved to the latter proving to be a reliable partner. #StopAtNothing Watch Now

QSS - Growth In The Time of Pandemic

The pandemic could have been a time of stress for QSS Technosoft, an IT solution provider. But it turned out to be a time for growth. They added 25% new employees and close to 20 new clients. #StopAtNothing Watch Now

Arete - Making The World A Safer Place

With the vision to make the world a safer place, ARETE is transforming the way organisations around the world are preparing for, responding to, and ultimately preventing cyber-attacks. #StopAtNothing Watch Now

IOTA Informatics - Innovating Rural Healthcare

With Dell Technologies as its partner, IOTA Informatics, a rural-focused health-tech company used the pandemic to expand its reach with many innovative healthcare solutions like online video consultations.#StopAtNothing Watch Now

Adaan Digital Solutions – No loss of a single working day

ADAAN, a tech-driven design and content company, transitioned to a 100% WFH environment when the pandemic set in.@DELLTechnologies #StopAtNothing Watch Now

Concept Medical – Saving Hearts Non-Stop

The job of saving hearts could not be stopped even during the pandemic and the lockdowns. With DELL Technologies as a partner, Gujarat-based Concept Medical continued to produce drug-coated balloon for treating coronary arteries and saved hundreds of lives. #StopAtNothing Watch Now
The Challengers’

MSME Summit
A virtual summit showcasing the vital role of technology in driving digital transformation in the new normal and how it can help MSMEs catalyse their growth.The platform aims to bring MSMEs into the spotlight and give them an opportunity to unlock their potential and showcase their valuable contributions to the economy.


Future-Ready Framework SMBs can Adopt Now

#StopAtNothing - A robust ecosystem is taking shape and its stakeholders are working relentlessly to become the strength of other businesses.
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Are Small Businesses Adopting Cyber Security Best Practices ?

#StopAtNothing - An initiative by Dell Technologies and Moneycontrol to empower small businesses
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Digital revolution that will upskill and upscale SMBs

#StopAtNothing an initiative to enable and empower small businesses. An initiative by Dell Technologies and Moneycontrol to empower small businesses
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SMBs Level Up for 2022

Small businesses are considered the core driver of the country's economic growth. Moneycontrol in association with Dell Technologies has organized an exciting series of informative Round Tables for you.
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MSME Summit

The Challengers brings to the forefront how MSMEs can leverage technology innovations to reimagine their businesses, scale up and pivot to growth. We aim to demonstrate how MSMEs can prepare for the future and ensure business continuity by reviving operational efficiency, driving business resilience and fostering agility with help of technology.
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The Challengers’

Lauding Exemplary IT innovators in Small Businesses

It was less than a year ago that Dell Technologies, in collaboration with Moneycontrol and CNBC TV-18 launched, The Challengers, a campaign to enable Small Businesses (SBs) to re-imagine their enterprises through a digital lens to develop business agility, build resilience and internalise innovation.

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